Sunday, June 10, 2012

Most Mornings...

On most mornings, Sophie peeks in at the puppies at around 5:30am.  As soon as they see their mom, they erupt in loud--very loud--and frantic barking. After a quick walk, Sophie nurses her puppies while a more substantial puppy breakfast is being prepared. Each of the puppies is eating about 1/2 cup of kibble three times a day.  We've introduced various wet foods - cottage cheese, canned dog food and yogurt, and they've tried dog biscuits too.  Yesterday they had their first haircuts and it was quite the assembly line.  For the most part they were surprisingly willing to stand on the table for the electric clippers.  They didn't exactly hold still, but that would be asking more than an eight-week old puppy can do.  On the other hand, if their families introduce them early and often to brief and cheerful grooming sessions, they should be good clients at their local dog grooming salons!  Tonight they're restless, squealing and growling at each other, tussling and barking.  It's quite the commotion.  They missed their evening outing in the pen with Clarence and have to get rid of their excess energy somehow!   A week from today, the pen will be nearly empty, most puppies off to begin their lives with their new families.  Eight weeks has passed incredibly quickly and it is hard to imagine that it is almost time to say a happy goodbye.

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