Monday, June 18, 2012

And then there were none

Sleeping past 6am for the first time in weeks, what a new concept.  No pups yelping and playing tag in the pen.  The smell of puppy poop wasn't drifting across the house.  Everything was oddly quiet.  Compared to the busyness of this past weekend when seven puppies went out the door, our morning routine was leisurely.   Two dogs to take care of?  Easy. Beginning on Friday, the babies left one by one in the midst of last minute instructions, hugs and goodbyes. Sophie got up this morning and went to check out the puppy pen.  Nope, no puppies returned in the night.  News so far has filled me in on the successes and challenges as these engaging little babies get to know their new families and settle in to their new lives.  Their new names are already familiar to me.  Nine weeks ago today the pups were born and in the intervening weeks we developed a close bond that is unlikely to change over the coming years. Though I won't see most of these little guys again, they have left us with many wonderful memories.

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