Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh, Puppies!

Nearly six-week-old puppies take much more time than newborn puppies, that is a real fact.  I have fallen behind in my blogging and replaced it with more puppy time.  Not only "fun time" holding puppies and watching them play, but "clean up time" (lots of wet newspapers thrown out each day) and "chow time" - the puppies have teeth and increasingly are eating what big dogs eat.  This morning Sophie got her long promised bath and an outing all on her own.  I returned to give the pups their second of three meals of the day (kibble soaked briefly in goat's milk) and after lunch they tried out a few new chewy toys which help with their puppy teeth coming in.  They play together whenever they are awake; yelps and cries are intermingled with the occasional "ouch, he bit me!" cries.  Clarence has a new game he plays with them: he circles the outside of the pen and inside, they chase him from one end to the other, sometimes sticking their paws and tongues out of the side of the pen.  This weekend we will take the pups outside so that they can experience sun and grass and outdoor noises.  Looking ahead, their temperament testing is scheduled for next weekend.  We will celebrate their six-week birthday on Monday!

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